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It is acknowledged that quality of life of a society depends upon the quality of education which in return depends on the quality of its teachers. It is only education which is an instrument of minimizing the gap between the haves and have nots which again depends on the quality of teachers in a particular nation.

"Teaching is human engineering and soul doctoring."

The Quote suggests that teaching is both technical and noble. The words 'Human engineering' mean modifying and constructing human behavior in a desired manner and at the same time it implies technical procedures. The term 'soul doctoring' suggests that as a doctor prevents or cures any desirable bodily ailments similarly teaching deals with the inner spirit of an individual to ensure its nurturing. Let us say that human personality can be 'engineered' and through proper doctoring it can be maintained healthy.


The Mediocre teacher tells

The Good teacher explain

The Superior teacher demonstrates

The Great teacher inspire

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